Operating hours

Summer season (March ~ September)
Winter season (October ~ February)
Entry closesat 22:30 in summer / 22:00 in winter
Closing informationClosed every Monday
January 1st, Korean New Year’s Day (Seollal) and Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok) / Day after public holidays(Excluding January 1st, Korean New Year’s Day and Korean Thanksgiving Day)
Please note that opening and closing days are subject to change for operation.

Information of use

Is it necessary to make a reserve in advance? Or can I purchase the ticket on site?

– It is recommended to purchase an admission ticket in advance on the website in order to preserve the departure time that you want.
Can I reissue the ticket if I lose mine?

– Admission tickets cannot be reissued, and are required for admission checks at the park entrance.
If I cancel my reservation, can I postpone the visit date or get a refund?

– Refunds are available for unused tickets prior to admission
How long is the viewing section?

– It consists of approx. 1.3km of paved roads and forest roads, and takes 50 to 80 minutes depending on individuals. It is a good to plan a visit of about 2 hours, including transportation.
Is it still possible to enter if I can’t make it to specified admission time?

– You may still be able to enter even if you are late, but delays may occur if the next round is sold out. And even if you arrive early, you may not enter before the reserved time.
What kind of clothes are suitable?

– We recommend you to wear appropriate clothes and comfortable walking shoes for your comfortable and safe viewing. High-heels or slippers are not recommended.
Is it suitable for the elderly, the disabled and infants?

– DPIRANG is mountain trains consisting of paved and unpaved roads. It is not recommended for people with difficulty moving due to uphill and downhill roads, but it is not difficult if accompanied by a guardian.
However, since the last ‘Forest Exit’ consists of unpaved forest trails, which may be difficult for them to move, so please return to the bypass paved road.
Does it open when it rains or snows?

– Summer: DPIRANG is still open in rainy season. However, the use of umbrellas is not allowed since it may interfere other visitors, and those who wish to view, must wear a raincoat. DPIRANG may close due to thunder or lightning, but we will notify our visitors as much as possible and re-reserve the day.
– Winter: DPIRANG is open even if it rains or snows. It is recommended that you wear winter boots, gloves and scarves depending on the weather. However, the use of umbrella that may interfere other visitors are not allowed.
Is there a stroboscopic lamp (flash light) effect in the program?

– DPIRANG uses stroboscopic lighting effects with a variety of video shows. If you are suffering from epilepsy or may be visually affected by the light stimulation should inform the on-site staff before viewing, and please pass the section
Can I take pictures and videos?

– Yes, you cannot take pictures and videos using flash, and taking pictures, videos and streaming for commercial use are restricted for use.
Can I use the toilet in the middle of the viewing?

– Restrooms are located on the 1st basement floor of the Civic Cultural Center and in the section of [LightOrchestra]
Can I eat food on site?

– The MD shop located behind the ticket booth sells some drinks and alcoholic beverages. No alcohol or food other than water is allowed within the viewing area. In addition, drinking before viewing is absolutely prohibited because there are cliffs or forest roads within the section.

What are the things that I should not take in?

(excluding guide dogs and service dogs)
folding chair, large mat
Various weapons or items that can be used like weapons
Small rides such as bicycles, wireless control boarding rides
Sound equipment or articles that cause excessive noise
Items that harm facilities, such as paints

Please refrain from contacting other devicesthat may cause damage other than the designated devices. It is a nighttime program, so please be careful about the safety of the trails at night

If you have any inquiries at the site, please ask the staff and they will guide with kindly.

How to find us


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Public parking lot under Mt. Nam-mang Park (free of charge)
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Tongyeong Daejeon Expressway ~ “Mt. Nam-mang Sculpture Parknear Nammang Park Road in the direction of Tongyeong Port Passenger Ship Terminal”
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Get off at the ‘Mt. Nam-mang Park Entrance’ station
Get Bus No.‘121, 128, 211, 321, 420, and 428’ Tongyeong Intercity Bus Terminal

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